27th March 2018, Illingen (Saar)

proWIN pro nature Foundation supports the educational work of NES e.V.

Local anchoring of the Saarland Development Policy Network strengthened on its 20th anniversary.
Since the beginning of 2018, the young Saarland-based proWIN pro nature Foundation has been supporting the education sector of the Netzwerk Entwicklungspolitik im Saarland (NES) e. V. With this initial two-year sponsorship, the proWIN pro nature Foundation 1), which was established in 2016 and stands for proWIN's commitment to the environment, aims to pursue a comprehensive approach in addition to the targeted measures it promotes to protect nature and maintain an ecological balance.
"As many environmental organisations have already recognised, real nature and species conservation can only be achieved if we firstly address the destructive practices of our lifestyles that cause the global environmental problems and species extinction that we want to combat in the first place and secondly work towards comprehensive sustainable development. As the foundation of an international company, we also feel particularly committed to a global approach. We are therefore delighted to support the educational work of the NES, which addresses precisely these issues, 2) and to ensure the outstanding work of the NES for a further two years," says Michael Winter, Trustee of the proWIN pro nature Foundation.
For its part, the NES is delighted to receive more local support for its educational work at schools and extracurricular educational institutions in Saarland with the funding from the proWIN pro nature foundation, just in time for its 20th anniversary.
"We would like to anchor our work, which has so far mainly been supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development with a grant from the Saarland state government, even more locally and are therefore very pleased to have the support of a Saarland foundation for our education sector. This will enable us to strengthen and consolidate our commitment to a globally just and sustainable society, particularly in Saarland schools. We would like to continue along this path and look forward to further collaborations," says Ulrike Dausend, Managing Director of NES e.V.
Founded at the end of the 1990s as a small voluntary alliance of development policy groups, associations and institutions at state level, the Saarland Development Policy Network has developed over the years into an active state network with professional structures and numerous activities. Today, the NES has over 40 member organisations and over 70 individual members. In addition to its association work, the organisation carries out around 200 educational projects throughout Saarland every year. It also organises numerous public events on global issues, such as the worldwide impact of our way of life on people and nature, the causes of flight and migration and the local implementation of the global Sustainable Development Goals. With the introduction of the One World Promoter Programme in Saarland in 2016, the NES also strengthens development policy engagement in Saarland regions and for specific specialist topics.

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