29th October 2018, Illingen (Saar)

A quarter of a million goes to the Saarland

On 26 October, the proWIN foundations hosted the second charity gala at their academy in Landsweiler-Reden.
Once again, it became clear how wide-ranging the topics can be. Presenter Klaus Dittrich led the audience through the tight programme in his usual charming and entertaining manner, but did not forget to point out how important donations are for the work of the projects - after all, for most of them they mean a degree of planning security.

Reinhold Jost, Saarland Minister for the Environment and Consumer Protection, and Sören Meng, District Administrator of Neunkirchen, were impressed by the diversity of the projects and the commitment of those responsible. Both also emphasised their gratitude for a total donation of this amount, which will benefit their own federal state.

"This funding campaign also brings back a great deal of credibility - in the form that the much-cited entrepreneurial commitment is not just a cliché, but can be a reality. This campaign also stands for the fact that economic success can not only be good for your own pocket, but also for others. Here you can see that entrepreneurs consciously want to give something back. The Winter/Schäfer owner family looks where help is needed," said Jost.

Meng added: "The message sent out by the owners is that everyone can do something in their own area - even on their own doorstep and on a small scale. Great work is being done here and once again proves that it is worth getting involved. We need more entrepreneurs who feel and fulfil this kind of responsibility."
Everyone can do something in their own area - even on their own doorstep and on a small scale.
Sören Meng, District Administrator of the district of Neunkirchen
The shareholders of proWIN are involved far beyond the pro Saarland campaign. Two foundations organise the diverse aid at regional, national and international level: the proWIN Foundation focuses on supporting children in need at home and abroad, while the proWIN pro nature Foundation is committed to nature conservation worldwide.

The projects that were supported at the gala were selected in accordance with the foundation regulations of the two proWIN foundations.

The winners

  • Bliestalschule Oberthal – Bee project
  • Boch Schule Merzig – Sustainable through life
  • Ehrensache e.V. – Therapeutic horse riding
  • Elterninitiative krebskranker Kinder im Saarland e. V. – JuNa
  • Fischereiverband Saar KöR – Saving the native crayfish in Saarland
  • GGS Neunkirchen – Forest classroom
  • Gnadenhof Eiweiler – New shelter
  • Gnadenhof Schiffweiler – New stables
  • Grundschule Gödenroth – Outdoor kitchen in the school garden
  • Grundschule Köllerbach – Green classroom
  • Gymnasium Johanneum – Gardening club
  • Hilfe für Einzelschicksale international e.V. – Children's fates all over the world
  • Hunkapi Verein – Human-animal relationship
  • Kirschhofer Tierarche – Reconstruction of outdoor facilities
  • Kita Hand in Hand – Kita garden
  • Neunkirchen district – Finkenrech farm garden
  • Natur und Vogelschutzverein Bliesmengen-Bolchen – Reintroduction of yellow-bellied toads
  • Nestwärme e.V. – Empowerment
  • SOS Kinderdorf – Playing at home
  • City of Blieskastel - Schellental adventure forest
  • Sterneneltern Saarland e. V. – children/siblings
  • The Blue Mind – Reconstruction of the Meeresmobil
  • Verein für europäische Umweltbildung und Umwelterziehung e. V. – Plastic forever?
  • Wiwo e. V. – Wir wollen was bewegen!
  • Wunderkind Saarland – Elfental nature playground